Saturday, February 25, 2012


I'm thankful today for friends... we have now lived here longer than I've ever lived anywhere in my entire life!  I am a person that I don't want to take advantage of friendships and I have a hard time asking people for favors.  Today I was glad though that I feel I have a good enough relationship with a family that are our friends that I could ask a favor. 

I've been dealing with allergies- and the fact that they are already really bad now in February just makes me want to cry thinking of how bad they will get when the real spring allergy season hits.  I'm planning to follow up on the allergy testing I had done two years ago- and then chickened out when they wanted me to do allergy shots- I think I will be starting the shots this year.

We have a friend that is an ENT dr... (Ear, Nose, Throat), so when I texted his wife if he had any suggestions of what I can do to drain the fluid from my ears that had been there for the past week- he said I should just come over and he would take a look in my ears and make sure they were ok.  I saved a co-pay at the weekend walk-in clinic, and probably an hour or two of time waiting around for them to tell me the ears were full of fluid and I just needed to continue to take OTC stuff to get them to drain. 

So I'm trying the Neti pot for the first time ever tonight.  Rich is also battling a cold and he tried it this afternoon and said it's surprisingly easy to use... hopefully my ears will drain and I can get rid of this fluid filled feeling soon.

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