Wednesday, November 9, 2016


There was an election yesterday.. and I knew that today I wouldn't be happy with the result- I didn't feel either candidate represented what I wanted to see as our President.  Four years ago there was an election and while I supported one candidate- He didn't win.  Four years before that I wasn't thrilled with either candidate.

The United States of America is as diverse of a place as you can find anywhere.  Sure- some segments look lopsided one way, and other area's are lopsided another way.  There are people who are crooks and criminals and only looking out for themselves.  There are those who have true bleeding hearts and hurt for every wrong that happens to others, and there are pragmatists that have bleeding hearts, but disagree on solutions for problems.  Yes there are those who are bigots, and prejudiced.  They come in all colors, shapes, sizes and genders. There are also many more that are color, shape and gender "blind".

Four, and Eight years ago I felt disenfranchised and out of touch with the country.  I still have similar feelings today- but one thing I know... whatever changes happen or don't happen- my day to day happiness and influence is up to ME.   The world will not end tomorrow.  No matter who was elected- problems would not disappear tomorrow.  I will still need to make lunch for my kids to take to school.  The math test that's scheduled for friday?  I still need to make sure my daughter is ready for it.  My bills still need to be paid, and I still will buy that bag of peanut m&m's because since peanuts are in the middle- I can count that as my protein and it's healthy- right?

When my kids are upset and fighting and have feelings that are justifiably hard to control- We go to our rooms for some "time out".  Not to punish them, not to tell them they are wrong or bad... but to give them time to work through their feelings and be ready to be around others.  Maybe that's what we all need after this election- some "time out" to work through feelings, to come to grips with what has happened, to realize that we can be disapointed- and still see the good in the country.

Checks and balances have worked through the years to keep this country afloat... they will work again.  I have confidence in them and in the overall goodness of people.  We will be ok.

And please, please, please... next election- everyone go out and vote primaries and let's have better choices left at the end!