Monday, June 30, 2014

Summertime... :)

Oh how I LOVE summertime!  Now that the kids are older that is.  Used to be- by the end of summer I was so ready for school to start up!  Now I feel like even during the summer we schedule so much that I'm not ready for the school year to start up again.  We are now on the last week of June.  The last month has flown by.  We've had a 10 day trip to Florida, I've had a week at camp with my oldest daughter, and I've hosted Bunko, a 9 year olds birthday party, and a Relief Society activity.  Today is another birthday in the family, and then 4th of July this weekend!  We love to have fun and the laundry will get done- eventually... :)

Swimming, exercising, appointments and such have rounded out the rest of the time.  Next month will find us visiting family and more camps for children... a get away for hubby and I and then it'll be time to start the school crunch time.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Another Year older....

Last week was my birthday... I'm (gulp) 37 now.  Funny thing is it doesn't feel that bad since My hubby is 4 1/2 years older than I am. :)

I've thought a lot about life and stuff this past week.  I've been flooded with well wishes and birthday hugs and love.  I've felt like Sally Fields at times "They love me!".  I'm  not a big collector.  I don't really attach myself to things.  I only keep a few sentimental items- I don't even have more than one baby outfit per child and no baby shoes kept.  But... I think I collect friends.  I feel connections with people even if maybe my connection to them is stronger than their connection to me. 

This past week I have felt so grateful for all the wonderful friends I've collected through the years.  At times I feel like I'm a bad friend- I don't keep in touch very well.  I'm not one to pick up the phone and talk for hours on end.  I haven't sent out Christmas cards in I don't know how many years...  but I love and treasure every one I receive.  I love receiving phone calls and knowing that someone was thinking about me, and I love hearing about what is going on in friends lives. 

Facebook gets a rep as a social media site, drama takes place and feelings get hurt.  I can completely understand if someone feels like they need to get off of facebook and it's not a good place for them.  For me though- Facebook has been a blessing in my life- as funny as it sounds.  It's made it easy for me to reconnect with old friends.  Having lived in many places growing up, and as an adult- when the phone numbers and addresses change (as let's face it- in this day and age those things change frequently) I have found and connected with so many of those friends on facebook.  I can see their children as they grow up and I can feel connected and lend support as they deal with difficulties.  I've gotten to know cousins that I didn't grow up knowing very well- a little bit better and feel like they know me a little  bit more as well. 

So I'll be on facebook for a long time coming...  but I am going to try and pick up the phone a little more often and call a friend- just because.  And maybe, just maybe I'll get some Christmas cards sent out by New Years...

And thank you to everyone that made me feel special this past week.  :)  It truly was a wonderful week and I felt the love. :)