Friday, July 27, 2012

More of the same?

We have made plans to take a cruise in September without the kids...  I'm hoping in my head that by then I can loose 20 pounds... and the cruise is the incentive I need to make it...  I'm averaging a pound a week though so realistically I'll probably only loose 10 pounds before the cruise, but I'll be happy with that too! :)

My snacking is really my downfall.  If I can keep my snacking in check, and get my exercise consistent I think I can get a little more than just one pound a week.  We shall see.  It's hard to stay on a schedule with a house full of kids running around.  I'll have three weeks after school starts before the trip so we'll see what I can accomplish until then and then do a little boot camp with myself to see if I can kick up the weightloss in those weeks.

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