Sunday, March 24, 2013

New four letter word

There is a new four letter word at our house... LICE... I've had enough of it and so it just is a bad word now.  The little kids school has been battling it since OCTOBER!  Seriously it's gone through every single classroom at the school and it's always the conversation starter amongst the moms- what grade level is currently having it and what products people have discovered that might repel and keep it away from their kids.

We've done our time with three outbreaks in the house and I hope and pray that we don't see any more ever again.  We've even cut one child's long curly (and thick) red hair off by about 6 inches to try and reduce the area that is exposed to picking up lice from wherever we seem to be picking it up from.

Spring Break came and went and we are back at school tomorrow.  I love the kids and we love days we can stay home and be lazy, but I'll be glad to send all four kids back to school tomorrow and have a house with no one else home!  We've been dealing with sick kids and allergies and so many absences... I just hope we are past all of that for awhile.  I'm ready for some warmer air and less sicknesses...

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