Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Why this blog?

I have a personal blog, in which I share pictures and stuff about the family, with our family and friends.

This blog is going to be more for my musings... I've spent many years trying to find out what I'm good at, or what I can excell at. I've come to the conclusion that I'm no expert at anything, but I am an ordinary average mom, and I am fine and maybe a little bit proud about that.

I'm not an expert baker- but I love to bake.
I'm not an expert cook- but I enjoy cooking.
I'm no expert at computers- but I dable in digital scrapbooking and enjoy spending time with that.
I'm not a book group reader- but I enjoy reading fluff books that I can just sit and escape into a story and read for pure enjoyment.
I'm not a scholar- but I do enjoy learning about things.
I'm not a crafter- but occasionally will tackle a craft and enjoy the process- even when the craft turns out oh so not professional looking.
I'm not a perfect mom- and I never plan on being perfect- but I do feel I have learned a lot through the years with four very unique kids.
I'm not a great housecleaner- but I do still find an enjoyment after going through a cleaning spree and having a clean house- if only for a few hours.

So... I thought I would start this blog.  One on which I feel I can freely share things, yet still have some distance for my family from this.

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