Tuesday, March 8, 2011

E-readers? Good Books...

I LOVE to read.  If I could choose anyway to spend my time day in and day out, it would be curled up in a comfy chair with a book.  I know people that read at night before bed to wind down, but I've always known that if I want to go to sleep at all... I can't read a book anytime close to bedtime.  As a teenager, I would stay up till 2 and 3 am finishing a book because I was wide awake and I just didn't want to stop reading the story.  I've done that a few times as an adult as well and got to the point that I just don't try to sit down with a book close to bed time anymore.  When we go on vacation I always have to have space for books on the drive out, and then another set of books for the drive home.  This space issue has lead me to start looking at the possibility of getting an e-reader.  I like the idea of having the one device that I can have multiple books on so when I finish a book on a road trip- I don't have to go and dig the next book out of my suitcase that is under 5 other suitcases when we stop for gas... lol!

Anyone out there have an e-reader?  I'm trying to decide between the nook color, the regular nook and the kindle...

I like the look of the nook color.  I like that I can download library books to it, and I can get my email on it too, but I'm worried I won't be able to take it outside and sit in the summer and read from it while my kids are playing in the pool.

So I'm also looking at the regular nook and the kindle.  The kindle just is the king of the mountain, but I can't download books from the library onto it without doing a conversion and stuff...

Anyone out there have either of them and any advice?  Hubby has an ipad from work and I like how it is to read on, but we've tried taking it outside and it really isn't that great in the sunlight.  I'm afraid that's what would happen with the color nook.

I just finished reading the series "Hearts of the Children"  I really liked it and the preceeding series "Children of the Promise"  I'm now reading a couple of books by Anita Stansfield.  I need to find something to read for our spring break trip next week.

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