Thursday, March 10, 2011

Homework, Natural Consequences, and banging your head against the wall...

Our oldest child is in 6th grade.  That means middle school here, and switching classes and multiple teachers, and all of that fun stuff.

He is a good student.  He get's good grades on his tests, but he cannot for the life of him get his homework consistently turned in on time and completed.  I started this post yesterday when I was in the midst of helping him work on a research paper that was past due and he had decided he just wouldn't complete and turn it in "because my grade is a B right now".  We had to literally have him add up the points possible, and points earned and figure out what his best grade he could receive would be without turning in this paper, and what the best grade he could receive if he just turned in the paper and got a barely "pass" grade on it.

Once we had those facts clear with him he agreed to do the paper, but then we still had hours of working with him to get it done.

I wish that I could expect that he will get better with doing homework and turning it in, but I don't have high expectations.  I think this will be a constant battle with us and him.  Sigh...

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