Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Good Quote

I was reading through some blogs the other day and came across this quote:

“Keep perspective. When you have done all that you can reasonably do, rest the burden in the hands of the Lord. When I take a small pebble and place it directly in front of my eye, it takes on the appearance of a mighty boulder. It is all I can see. It becomes all-consuming—like the problems of a loved one that affect our lives every waking moment. When the things you realistically can do to help are done, leave the matter in the hands of the Lord and worry no more. Do not feel guilty because you cannot do more. Do not waste your energy on useless worry. The Lord will take the pebble that fills your vision and cast it down among the challenges you will face in your eternal progress. It will then be seen in perspective. In time, you will feel impressions and know how to give further help. You will find more peace and happiness, will not neglect others that need you, and will be able to give greater help because of that eternal perspective.” -Richard G. Scott (1988)
I'm a worrier by nature.  I recently accepted a rather large calling at church and found that I was starting to worry about things for it- and feel out of touch with my kids and family.  I'm realizing that I focus in on problems of others whether large or small and make them larger than they are in my mind and let them take over a disproportionate amount of my thought time... So this is a good reminder to me to do what I can, but not stress and worry over the problems.  They will be worked out in time and I can do what I can, and leave the rest in the Lord's hands.

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