Tuesday, April 27, 2010

one day down

I pretty much stayed with my food plan yesterday.

Today it has been a busy morning, so I've been eating on the run.  So far today I've had:

Fiber One bar- 2 points
Cliff Bar- 5 points

I still need to work out, I'll do that this afternoon. 

I'll have my recovery drink- 4 points

that will leave me with 9 points for dinner. 


  1. So i'm assuming you are doing weight watchers? Does it work? I use their frozen meals to keep my calories in check and so far that's worked! :)

  2. Yep! I'm doing weight watchers... :) I lost 20 pounds with it last fall, so it does work. You just have to find the foods that you like and the right quantities to balance between healthy, and occasionally having some sweets... :)

    Yesterday was much easier... today running around I'm more tempted to grab quick snacks- which aren't as filling and have more points to them than what I could make at home.