Monday, April 26, 2010

Weight Loss

The horrid yo-yo of weightloss that I always said I would never do, has happened to me this past year. 

I started 2009 out at 178 pounds.  Throughout the year I slowly pulled myself down to 170 pounds on my own through running and kind of watching what I ate.  Last September I started Weight watchers and with that and exercise I came down to 150 pounds.  Then I stopped watching what I ate, and enjoyed myself during thanksgiving and christmas and I started 2010 at 160 pounds.  I tried the HCG drops diet and went down to 143 pounds on it, but instead of coming off of it following the diet guidelines, I just went straight back to eating what I wanted when I wanted it, and I've gone back up to 150 pounds.

So... no more... I'm going to find the right balance.  I'm going back to the weight watchers points tracking and exercising.  I can still have occasional treats with it, but I have to not stop it...

Today's eating should look like this:
Breakfast: egg beaters scrambled eggs with low fat cheddar cheese and salsa on top-  3 points
Exercise: 75 minutes of P90X core synergistics and ab ripper X.
Recovery drink: 1 cup skim milk and 1 packet carnation instant breakfast- 4 points
Lunch:  Turkey sandwich on a "thin" bun with the laughing cow cheese wedge, slice of tomato, piece of lettuce, and dijon mustard.
Afternoon snack: fiber one bar- 2 points
Dinner:  Chicken fajita's- 9 points

Total of 21 points for the day.  The exercise allows me to add some additional points if I feel like I need it, but I'll start with this for today.

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