Saturday, June 12, 2010


Growing up I sang a song in primary that started out like this:

Saturday is a special day it's the day we get ready for Sunday... and it talked about how it was the day that we did all of our chores in preperation for the Sabbath the next day.

I find that my saturday is always full of chores... the kids have chores to do, my hubby spends a few hours working on yardwork, and I always seem to wait until saturday to do my major laundry with the loads going one after another all day long.

This has been a busy week.  I went to our church's girls camp for two days and left the kids home with my hubby... they had fun playing at friends houses while he went to work each day.  I of course came home with a bunch of dirty clothes even though I was only there for two days, one night! 

So I'm looking at the laundry room and getting ready to tackle it now... of course with it being summer the kids go through more clothes as well.  There's the pj's, then the clothes they change into in the morning, then the swimsuits and outfit they wear over the suit to the pool that get's thrown on the ground and towels used in the afternoons and then the third outfit that they wear after we get home and change out of wet suits. 

So... laundry here I come!  Hubby is trying to race around and get his yardwork done before the USA world cup soccer game is on today. 

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