Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer is here!

So the last month and a half flew by!  I got talked into being the homeroom mom for the last few months of the school year for my pre-k daughter's class.  The morning homeroom mom and I decided to put together a scrapbook for the teacher and assistant to give to them as end of the year gifts for teacher appreciation week.  I'm not a scrapbooker.  I often wonder how Robyn (My Pink Stamper) and I get along so well when I have no desire to scrapbook and do paper craft type stuff. lol!  But we perseveared and with the help of some critters Robyn made for us with her Cricut and some neat scrapbook pages we put together two really cute scrapbooks.  Then we had a busy time with teacher appreciation week.

Then my dear hubby and I were able to go off on a cruise by ourselves in May.  It was our first cruise and we are officially hooked on cruising!  Can't wait to go on another one! :)  The kids loved the babysitter that stayed with them and everyone was happy in the end.

Then we had the end of the school year rush with class parties and all that fun stuff... and now it's the blissful slower summer schedule.  Going and swimming at the pool for hours on end.  Playing in the backyard and having water fights with bottles of water.  Watching movies and playing video games.  We are right in the honeymoon phase of summer vacation and are enjoying it immensely.

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