Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lunch Date

Now that most of the kids are in school all day- last year and this year my hubby and I have been getting together for a once a month lunch date.  Our youngest is still in half day school, but great friends on the same schedule as we are, swap with us and she goes home from school with them while I'm out at lunch.

Today we went to a new place to me.  Cool Greens  it's a salad restaurant... it has some other stuff, but in our town we don't have a lot of choices when we just want a good salad for lunch. 

The salad was delicious!  And it has a cool hip and trendy decor.  My only complaint is that it's noisy... cool trendy and hip= everything was a hard surface and noise just bounced around the whole place...

So I think I now have a new favorite lunch spot.  I loved that I ate the salad... it filled me up, but didn't stuff me and it was light and refreshing and I don't feel weighed down from a large meal.

Oh... and I love that I got the chance to have a lunch date with hubby.  I think it's even more special than dinner dates with him.  It's during the middle of the day when I still feel like my brain functions.  I can carry on a conversation without feeling like my brain is shutting down from a day full of kid stuff.  It's just neat to see him for an hour in the middle of an otherwise busy day for both of us, and I feel special that he makes sure he has that time free from meetings and stuff to see me then as well. :)

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