Friday, September 10, 2010

School days and IEP's

I have had three of my four children all need some form of IEP in the last three years at school.  I have felt confident as I worked with their school and got the needs of my children addressed and worked out with them. 

Today as I was sitting at the computer frustrated at my 6th grader's lack of organization, i realized that now in middle school- his teachers may not all be aware of his IEP and the concessions that he is allowed within that IEP to help him suceed and be successfull in Middle School.

I'm SO glad that I was able to get his IEP worked out at our Elementary School last year so that now I can go to the teachers and tell them what we need to do make things work better for him.  I just wrote an email that I pray is received in the intent that I sent it... I just want to make sure they are aware of his needs and are open to working with him with those needs.

And can I say I am LOVING the modern technology that allows me to look up his grades on the computer, and communicate with his teachers in such a convenient manner that we can all keep track of his progress without multiple phone calls and meetings to sort things out. :)

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