Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Workout post

I'm pleased to say I made it to the gym two days in a row... I have to bask in the small victories right?  I was extremely sore from the bike yesterday- who knew that 10 minutes on that would be what is making me sore, when I spent almost an hour on the treadmill and elliptical? 

I kept the workout shorter today- 35 minutes on the elliptical.  I will have mon/wed/fri be my longer workouts, and tues/thur be my shorter workouts for a little while until I build up my abilities.

On the list for the rest of today is
*Cleaning the house- trying to finally get all the tile mopped for the first time since before christmas... yikes!
*Running to the store to pick up a few necessities.
*Picking up the 5 year old and her friends from school and having a playdate here.
*Sending all those kids home and picking up my 12 year old from middle school.
*Making cookies for the middle school dance, and the cubscout pack meeting tomorrow night. (or possibly running to the store and buying them?)
*Having a contactor come quote us for converting the office into a bedroom and building a closet in there.
*Taxi to and from Piano lesson for the 10 year old.
*Homework for the 5 and 7 year olds.
*Meeting tonight to plan some things for the Primary.
*Bedtime routine.

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