Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years Goals

I try not to make specific new years resolutions, because that comes with the traditional gung-ho attitude for a month and then it always falls away and I don't accomplish those goals.

I'd love to loose weight again this year, but the most important thing is to be able to keep the weight off that I loose.  I proved to myself last year that I could be diligent and disciplined and loose the weight, but I also proved to myself that after the diet ended- I lost the discipline.

I am 170 pounds now.  I was at 140 last March.  My goal for this year is to get back to around 140 pounds, but then to maintain it after I get down to that weight.

That's 30 pounds to loose.

I'd like to loose some emotional weight as well as the physical weight this year.  I know a lot of my emotional baggage in life is why I have those 30 pounds to loose again, and so my goal is to spend 30 minutes each day feeding myself emotionally.  Reading scriptures, spending time in prayer and meditation, and strengthening my spiritual self.

Along with that I need to develop other habits and hobbies instead of just eating and baking.  I will still bake and enjoy things on occasion, but I need to find other outlets to get that creative joy out of that I normally have baking in the kitchen.

So I'm going to try and devote 30 minutes each day to do something I want to do... read a book (other than scriptures), take photographs, take a walk, do some digital scrapbooking, writing a letter to a friend I've lost touch with.

As I'm loosing weight I will have to exercise more, but for a minimum amount of exercise each day- my number will be 30 minutes.  I can find at least 30 minutes each day to exercise.  I will have days that I exercise much, much more, but on days that are busy, I will make 30 minutes to exercise.

And so 30 is my theme for this year.

30 minutes is something I can carve out of my day in three sections to help me grow emotionally and spiritually, and help me shrink spiritually.

And maybe, I can think of some more things to carry on the 30 theme... Any idea's?

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