Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Staying home

As Christmas has passed and we've had a chance to visit with others, everyone asks if we did anything for Christmas.  I have started thinking about it and usually I just say not really... we just stayed home and spend it with our small family.

And since then I've been thinking more about it.  Just because we stayed home doesn't mean we didn't do anything.  At what point in life does staying home equal doing nothing? 

We stayed home.  We celebrated Christmas with our children and we had a fun and enjoyable day playing with our new toys and games and relaxing. 

Yesterday my oldest daughter was able to go and select some items for her christmas present, and get one of hers as well.  She had asked for a room makeover so she still needed to select some of the items for that.  She also got her ears pierced as one of her christmas presents.

Today all four kids have a friend over playing.  Hubbie is back at work for his short 3 day work week before New Years Eve that he get's to stay home on.  

Again... I'm enjoying staying home.  Swapping a few loads of laundry in the washer, making lunch for the handfuls of kids, catching up on some blogs, and reading a book.

I'm staying home... but I'm not doing "nothing" :)

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