Sunday, December 19, 2010

Disney World Trip

I just wanted to share some pictures from our trip.  I LOVED seeing the gingerbread displays at the resorts!  I'd love to be able to develop the skills to make something even 1/10th as good looking and as big as they are.

 This is the gingerbread Carousel at the Beach Club
 I love how at Disney everything is themed so well.  I love the architectural details at the Animal Kingdom in the Jungle Walk part.

 The Contemporary lit up at night.
 Beautiful Fireworks display at the Magic Kingdom.  Really ruins the 4th of July for our kids... it just can't compare. :)
The Grand Floridian is beautifully decorated at Christmas time.  The decorations are elegant, but the real reason we stopped by was the gingerbread house... just absolutely un-believable!
 See how big this thing is?  See the people standing there next to it?

 The level of detail... just amazing!
 So, so, so neat!  I could have taken 100 pictures here getting close shots of details, but by kids were not as enamoured by it as I was.

 On our last night at Disney we saw the Osbourne Spectacle of Lights at Hollywood Studio's.  So, so  NEAT!  I loved it... the kids again were not as wow'ed by it as I was, and it was cold and so we had to leave before I would have liked to, but when the music starts playing and the lights are synchronized to it... it is just amazing.

 I LOVED that they lit up common things like this... bike's.  There were also some kids little play tables and toys that were lit up in front of another townhouse facade.

We love all our trips to Disney, and this was probably our best trip yet... we just keep having more and more fun each time we go.

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