Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm not sure I want to share this article with my son...

Video Games Boost Brain Power, Multitasking Skills
by Michelle Trudeau

The article is interesting... click on it and read it.  I tried to copy it and paste it, but it get's all wierd in the formatting, and it's easier for you to just read it on their site- they like that much better too because then they can see how many people are reading it. :)

I remember when my kids were much younger and I would post on parenting message boards, one day there was a discussion about video games and tv and stuff.  I posted my view that I felt it was my duty as a parent to teach my children the ability to use technology so that they would be able to benefit from having it in their lives. 
I didn't expound or go further to explain things at that point in time and I got reamed out by another mom... she was of the school of thought that her children would not be watching tv and frying their brains and there was nothing good that could ever come from video games and her kids would not waste their time playing them.
Her stance was so over the top for me that really I didn't mind getting reamed out by her, because my parenting philosophy and hers were so polar opposite from each other that I think if she had agreed with me on something I might have questioned my thoughts on it...
But it did give me a chance to post additional thoughts on video games and tv and such.
I do still believe that it is our responsibility as parents to teach our children how to effectively use technology in their lives.  Computers are not a fad that will go away.  The technology that powers gaming and tv will make their way into our lives and knowing how to use that technology correctly is a life skill for our children now. 
As part of the process of teaching them how to use the technology, we have to teach them how to keep from allowing technology to overcome their lives.  We have to teach them by example that there is more to life than just tv and video games.  We have to teach them to balance the video games, with playing outside and doing homework and playing board games with family and friends.  As with anything- addictions can and do occur and we need to teach our kids the definition and meaning of the word MODERATION.  I think that's a word that in this day and age has become lost a lot of times.  Most things are fine in moderation.
I saw this article a friend posted today about the video gaming... and smilied when at the end of the article it reminded people that moderation should still be used and they were not saying kids should sit and play video games for hours and hours on end.

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