Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful and fun christmas!  Hubby and I were up till 11:30 getting presents wrapped and placed under the tree and stockings filled.  Then we watched some tv for an hour and a half just to wind down before we headed to bed around 1am.  Of course we would start to hear noises from the kids by 5:30am... we stayed in bed till 7am right after our youngest came knocking on our door.  "It's 7:00 mommy and daddy, well it's just about 7:00, it's 6:56- come out so we can open presents!"  (we had told them they couldn't wake us up till 7:00am) lol!

Santa was very kind this year and brought lots of wanted items.  I even had an amazing gift of a DSLR camera... a dream of mine to have for the past few years. :) 

We were done with unwrapping and were playing with our new "toys" all before 9am!  I'm forseeing an early bedtime tonight for the over-excited kids that could not wait to get up this morning!

I've managed to snap a mear 90 pictures so far in trying out the new camera.  I'm excited to get it outside and use the zoom lense and see what I can do with that. :)

Yesterday I didn't leave the house once (that NEVER happens!), and barely left the kitchen.  We have a Christmas tradition that we have our big dinner on Christmas Eve, so I spent the entire day in the kitchen making frog eyed salad, cheesy augratin potato's, sweet potato's with a crunchy topping and marshmallows on top, egg nog cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies for Santa, and our favorite homemade rolls.  Since I did all the work yesterday, today I can sit back and relax and play with our christmas presents and just pop the leftovers in the oven to warm up... no time for me in the kitchen today.

Merry Christmas Everyone! :)

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