Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Are you ready for Christmas?

I was at the store today.  As I'm checking out the cashier in an attempt to be friendly asks me the question "Are you ready for Christmas?"  I told her I was almost ready... and we left it at that.  As I was driving home, unloading my purchases, and putting them away I continued to think about that question.  Am I ready for christmas?  I feel like I never am fully ready for christmas.  Even when I plan ahead and shop ahead, I'm always thinking of this or that little item or stocking stuffer that I should still pick up and add to the pile of stuff that we've purchased.  I wonder how much more money I spend each year with the "just one more item" purchases I make after the planned purchases are made. 

Coincidentally, I got to the car outside of the store and remembered at least 5 items I didn't buy that I'll need for Christmas dinner... oh well... I've still got two more days to pick them up... if I can only remember them! :)

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  1. Julie, I feel the same way. No matter how many times I feel like I have everything I need bought and wrapped, baked or made, I still find something I haven't done or finished in time for Christmas. Happy holidays to you and your family.