Thursday, January 20, 2011

No-Snow, Snow day?

We woke up this morning and checked emails, and sure enough school was cancelled!  Then we went and looked out the window to see the snow and/or ice and

Wait!  We couldn't see any snow, and barely any ice at all!

Some of my friends and I who grew up and went to school in Utah- where we never had snow days unless we had 3+ FEET of snow in one day always shake our heads and laugh at how quickly school is cancelled here for snow and ice.

But we will have a pj day- or at least morning. The thin sheet of ice will probably be melted off after lunch and then we can get some errands done.  I'm fine with my ability to drive in the ice and snow, but will admit to not wanting to be out driving around some of those I've see driving on it...

Too bad we didn't get a good snow fall.  The kids would have loved to have enough to go outside and play in!  Instead we just get the ice and wind...

Oh on the exercise front... I went to the gym yesterday again.  I did a yoga class with my friends and I'm feeling it today!  We'll see if I make it to the gym later today or not.

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